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Thanks for visiting the Christian Culture Center online portal. We appreciate you and we are here to serve you. We want to help you do whatever it is that God wants you to do.

The Christian Culture Center is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization dedicated to help increase the impact of Christ in our culture. Through grantsprograms , and services, we help empower Christians to accomplish God's will on earth.

The Christian Culture Center is based in the United States of America and has a worldwide vision and mission. Working together, we can help accomplish those things God wants to influence our culture for Christ with the ultimate goal of bringing more people to God.

Need Help?  Want to Help?

We are looking for a few quality volunteers to help us on a regular basis. If you have good skills and references and want to get involved, please send an email to Visit our Involvment Partners page for more information what areas of service are available.

Thank you and God bless you abundantly in the name of our saviour Jesus Christ..

Welcome to The Christian Culture Center!

Let's Make an Impact. 

There are many opportunities for you at the Christian Culture Center. If you are a Christian then please join our Advisory Board first; you have a voice in this Christian foundation. Next, if you want to get involved further check out our Involvement Partner Opportunities. We encourage you to share your faith by participating in The Salvation Story. If you have something you believe God wants you to do, and you need the Christian community to help fund your project, list it it our Community Funding Initiative crowdfunding system. Whatever you decide to so, we're here to help at The Christian Culture Center, so send us your thoughts.

What Can You Do to Effect a Christian Culture?

People often ask us what we can do to effect a Christian culture. That's an excellent question. Some ask sencerely, others sarcastically, but the question needs to be asked... and answered.

The answer is obvious. We can do nothing.

Now before you give up on me, bare with me a moment, Let me explain what I mean.

In the gospel of John where Jesus talks about him being the vine and we being the branches. In that teaching, he said his will for us is to bear much fruit, and that he wanted that fruit to remain. Fruit, as you know, is for consumption. The tree producing the fruit does so to feed others. But now I'm digressing into teaching...

In that teaching, Jesus said that if we abide in him, we can ask what we will and it will be done for us. It's a bold statement, but I didn't say it. Jesus said it.

My gosh, if Jesus said it, then it's true. Yikes! Do you believe what Jesus said?  Really? Honestly? You should!

Then Jesus said, "Without me you can do nothing." That's what I was referring to when I said we can do nothing to effect the culture for God.

Nothing without Jesus that is. But we can do anything Jesus wants when Jesus is with us.

We at the Christian Culture Center can do nothing to change the culture for God on our own. So where do we find Christ? In the ethereal heavens? Yes, we pray and he answers.  But he tells us he's right in our midst.

The universal Christian Church is the body of Christ according to the scriptures.  It's comprised of every Christian on the planet. It's all inclusive. The church is the body of Christ and Christ is its one and only Head. The church, with Christ its Head, s Christ on earth. 

What can we do without the body of Christ? Absolutely nothing. We're powerless.

But with you, we are strong. With you we make advances. Small ones at first, but then we can start gaining momentum and perhaps do what the Bible calls "exploits" in a positive sense; exploits that help people and influence society in a positive way. 

But with you, we are strong. With you we make advances. Small ones at first, but then we can start gaining momentum and perhaps do what the Bible calls "exploits" in a positive sense; exploits that help people and influence society in a positive way. 

With you, we are strong. So what can YOU do to effect positive change in your world, your area of influence, your sphere of living? What has God put on your heart to do for Him? What has God worked within you to be and do? What would God have you, individually, do to effect culture in a positive way? Whatever God has worked within you to do, do it with all your heart. We'll see what we can do to help you on your way.

That's what we're about here at the Christian Culture Center. 

Here are a couple projects that God has worked in my heart to offer the Christian community.

The Salvation Story

 The Salvation Story

"The Salvation Story" is all about the greatest accomplishment on earth:  The redemption of mankind by Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection. It's the centerpiece of the Christian Faith, the core truth. It's the glorious Salvation Story, but not a story in the sense of a children's bedtime fairy tale. No, this is His story. His story... History. Get it?  It's history. Check out the Salvation Story here.

If you want, you'll also have the opportunity to share your story with others. It's easy (we'll show you how) and fun. More importantly, it's what God has asked us to do to help change the world.  Visit here for more information. The most important task we have is to share our Christian faith with others. We provide both the instruction and tools to help you share your story online with anyone you want. 

The Christian Culture Center Community Funding Initiative

The second project is our Community Funding Initiative.  This is where people and organizations can propose projects they feel God has inspired them to carry out and people in the greater community can financially sponsor them.  You can learn more about our Community Funding Initiative here.  This is for those who have worthy projects and for those who want to support worthy projects.  Let's see what we can do together for God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

It truly is time to change the cultures of our world for God.  Get involved and make an impact!




Easter Prayer Alert: Christians in This Nation Seek God's Protection from Terror


As Pakistanis remember the tragic Easter Sunday slaughter of 2016, the country's Christians are praying God will protect them from another act of terrorism this holiday season. Last Easter, a Pakistani Taliban affiliated group, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JA) claimed responsibility for the March 27, 2016 suicide bombing at a popular Lahore city park.  Many Christians were among the 75 people killed.

The Miracle that Turned a Jihadist Into a Jesus-Follower


He went from being an angry follower of Islam ready to kill for his faith, to a man of peace who seeks to help other Muslim converts to Christianity grow in their faith.

Christians Fleeing Islamic Terror Denied Food in Nigerian Refugee Camps


Nigerian Christians fleeing persecution by the Islamic terror group known as Boko Haram are reportedly being denied access to food and other essential supplies because of their faith.

Little Girl Steals the Pope's Hat...and The Show!


The internet is buzzing after a little girl did the unthinkable when she met the Pope for the first time.   

Congressmen Urge India to Stop Discriminating Against Christian Charities


More than one hundred U.S. lawmakers banded together in an effort to bring Compassion International back to India. 

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Vicar of Baghdad Says Christianity is 'Over' in Iraq


Canon Andrew White, known as the "Vicar of Baghdad", says the "time has come" where Christianity "is over" in Iraq.

Plea for Help: 'We Are Hungry and Thirsty...Children Are Suffering the Most'


Christians are stepping in to provide relief to survivors of massive flooding and mudslides in Peru.Torrential rains have brought death and destruction to the South American country, but the disaster has also "brought out the best" from the body of Christ.

EXCLUSIVE: The Country Where Sacrificing Children Is a Thriving Business


Each year hundreds of Ugandan children are kidnapped and murdered as part of a thriving human sacrifice business. CBN News joined a Christian pastor, police and politicians to see how they are working together to stop this brutal practice.

Guatemala's President Reaches Out to Evangelist After Fire Kills 40 Girls


International evangelist Luis Palau met Guatemala's president Jimmy Morales to offer words of encouragement and hope days after 40 girls were tragically killed in fire at a home for troubled youth.

Heavy Rain and Floodwaters Bring Death, Destruction and Prayer for Peru


Deadly downpours, flooding, and mudslides caused by a coastal El Nino have brought devastation to thousands of people in Peru. In the midst of the tragedy, Peruvians and Christians around the world are praying for lives to be spared and flood waters to recede. Some have launched a prayer effort on Twitter and other social media called #PrayForPeru.

Christian Persecuted by ISIS: 'God Will Use This Hell to Perform a Miracle'


Even the Islamic State can't keep these Christians from losing their faith in God.

"Blessings" Singer Laura Story Worships God with "Open Hands"

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The singer/songwriter shares the heart and message behind her new worship album in this in-depth interview with

Spreading Christ in a Buddhist Nation: Her Smile Says It All


An American couple takes a vacation to Taiwan and ends up moving to the island nation to share the Gospel.

Marathon Marks 50th Anniversary of United Jerusalem


Tens of thousands of runners from around the world converged on Jerusalem Friday for the city's annual marathon. Some say it's more than just a sporting event, it's a spiritual journey, too.

Gunmen Execute Pastor in Cold Blood


Several gunmen executed a Benin pastor this week while he was on his way to feed the needy. 

Why Thousands of Christian Refugees Could Be Denied Asylum in America


An Associated Press analysis of 10 years of refugee data suggests that their most common country of origin is not any of the six nations in the travel ban, but Myanmar, also known as Burma. Thousands, like Tin and her family, are Christians who were persecuted in their native country.

China Arrests Two Christian Missionaries


China detained two South Korean Christian missionaries for allegedly attempting to smuggle North Korean defectors out of China.

Samaritan's Purse 'Thankful to God' for Release of Kidnapped Aid Workers


Eight aid workers belonging to Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse humanitarian organization were taken hostage by rebels in South Sudan. Here's what happened.

See Why Thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims Are Choosing Jesus Over Allah


Some say Bangladesh may soon become a Christian nation. 

BRAVE: Chinese Christians Still Attend Underground Churches Despite Risk of Persecution


Millions throughout China are worshiping God despite persecution. 

Aid Workers with Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse Kidnapped in South Sudan


Rebels in South Sudan have reportedly abducted eight aid workers with the Christian humanitarian organization Samaritan's Purse.

Southern Baptist Leaders Meet: 'We Deepened Our Friendship'


The head of the Southern Baptist Convention meets with the convention's public policy spokesman amidst controversy.

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"The Shack" Movie Soundtrack to Feature Christian Music Artists

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Atlantic Records has announced its release date for The Shack movie soundtrack, featuring new music from a wide range of contemporary stars.

Go Tell It on the Mountain: Mark Collie’s Musical Journey Behind Bars

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Fifteen years in the making, country singer/songwriter Mark Collie has released Alive at Brushy Mountain, a 2001 recording of his concert at Tennessee’s notorious Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary.'s Chris Carpenter recently sat down with Mark.

"Split the Sky": Jesus Culture’s Chris Quilala Looks to Heaven

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After the death of his son, worship leader Chris Quilala walked through an intense time of grief and his only recourse was to look to the sky, to the God of all comfort.

Hillary Scott's Crossover to Christian Music Rewarded with Grammy Noms

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The Lady Antebellum songstress earned two nominations for her family project, "Love Remains".

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As the lead guitarist for 1990’s rock n’ roll hit-makers Candlebox, Peter Klett was living the musician’s dream. But hard partying led to addiction that turned the soiree into a distress.

Crowder's "American Prodigal": Music Review

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Just leave it to David Crowder to shake up the familiar sounds native to Christian radio.

Keith & Kristyn Getty: The Mission Is the Music

Thu, 06 Oct 2016 18:14:27 +0000

With Keith & Kristyn Getty's songs currently being sung by an estimated 100 million people each year in churches across the globe, it seems only fitting for them to focus on hymns that highlight the missional aspect of music.

Seth & Nirva Debut Seeks to Bridge Racial Divide

Tue, 20 Sep 2016 22:13:45 +0000

Known for contributing to the success of Grammy-winning artists, Seth & Nirva step into the spotlight with their debut album, "Never Alone".

Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall on "The Very Next Thing"

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The lead singer of Casting Crowns shares the backstory of his band's new record, "The Very Next Thing", and how his health's holding up.

Rocker Brian Welch Plays Metal With a Mission

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Korn co-founder Brian Welch returned to the famed metal band after overcoming his addictions. Armed with his faith, Brian faces the aggression of his audience with a mission and a message. 

Lauren Daigle Leads 2016 Dove Award Nominations

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Lauren Daigle leads the pack with six 2016 Dove Award nominations. Check out who else got a nod this year on

Jason Gray on Where The Light Gets In

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The "Remind Me Who I Am" singer pours out his heart about his divorce, walking with Jesus through the valley, and how it all inspired his new album.

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Rising contemporary Christian musical artist Julianna Zobrist has led an insanely hectic life over the last couple of years. Despite all the upheaval, she has somehow managed to record her first full-length album Shatterproof, a collection of confident, energetic, and joyful pop music that digs deeply into life-changing spiritual truths.

Matthew West on the Real-Life Story behind "Grace Wins"

Thu, 23 Jun 2016 18:40:13 +0000

Four-time GRAMMY nominee Matthew West shares the God-orchestrated story behind meeting Rob, the drug addict who inspired his radio hit, "Grace Wins".

Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott Reveals Personal Story Behind "Thy Will"

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As part of an exclusive sit-down interview with ABC's Good Morning America, Scott announced July 29th as the release date of Love Remains.

Brian ‘Head’ Welch on Living Life with ‘Eyes Wide Open’

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In Brian 'Head' Welch's latest book With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes on My Way Back to Korn, the brutally honest rocker inspires readers to never give up on their faith even when they are being consumed by the rigors of bad decisions.

We Are Messengers Releases to Rave Reviews

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We Are Messengers is the vision of Irishman Darren Mulligan, whose heart is to serve God and to see His radical love transform lives.

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The "Trust In You" songstress shares how she was able to keep the faith after the death of her beloved grandfather. 

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On her latest album, CCM artist Meredith Andrews just confirms that she already knows who she is: a minister of worship.