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The Christian Culture Center Community Funding Initiative

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There are many worthy projects that people and organizations are pioneering. Most projects need public support to succeed. The Christian Culture Center Community Funding Initiative allows people to cast votes, in the form of pledges, for the projects they would like to see succeed. You are vital member of the community and we invite you to browse the projects people have submitted and to cast your vote for those you want to succeed.

Welcome to the Christian Culture Center's Community Funding Initiative

We are excited to present this new way to support worthy projects envisioned by people and organizations we come into contact with. This new way of funding allows the community to decide which projects they feel are important, and which they want to see come to pass. The Community Funding Initiative also provides the Christian Culture Center with funds to help carry out programs and services that bring its vision and mission statement to pass.

How to Browse Projects

Use the link below to browse active projects.

View Active Projects Here.

After you have pledged, you can view a list of the projects you have made pledges to on your personal home page. You must first register on this web site before you can make a pledge. You can register or sign in here.

If you have any questions, please email us here.

Have a Worthy Project?

The Community Funding Initiative

View Active Projects Here!  Support a Worthy Project!  Enable someone to do what God wants them to do. Make a pledge today!

"Community funding" is the term we use for "crowd funding." By now I'm sure you've heard of crowd funding, or crowd sourcing. It's a great way for people to present what they want to do to the larger community and receive the funds they need to accomplish it. Once a project has been posted publicly, people can make pledges, usually in return for rewards that are offered by the project owner. When the project reaches it's full funding level, the funds are transferred to the project owner who then completes the project and distributes the rewards.  The Christian Culture Center takes a portion of the funds that are raised to help support the Community Funding Initiative itself and to carry out it's other programs and services.

What is it that God is working within you to do?  Write a book? Make a video? Record a music CD? Start an exercise club for people over 50?  Whatever it is, if it serves the community and glorifies God, it probably meets our guidelines. If you have a project that meets our guidelines, you can now present it to the Christian Community and ask for the money you need to make it happen. The Christian Culture Center Community Funding Initiative provides a modern way to raise funds for worthy projects. Using the worldwide web, you can reach millions of people and ask them to contribute funds to support your worthy project.

The Christian Culture Center Community Funding Initiative

How to Submit a Project to the Community Funding Initiative

You must first register and sign in before you can submit a Community Funding Application.

You will then be able to access your "My Home Page" and add your project from there.

People and organizations can submit projects for consideration. You do not need to be a nonprofit organization to sponsor a project. Projects that meet and adhere to our guidelines will receive approval. Upon approval, we will publish those projects and make them available to the community.

Members of the community can then contribute to those projects they want to support People can pledge financial amounts to the projects they like, and you can offer rewards at different levels of giving. we have no restrictions on who can post a project but we reserve the right to reject any project application for any reason whatsoever. We retain this right to maintain the integrity of the Community Funding Initiative and to ensure it contributes to the Christian Culture Center's mission.

When a project reaches its funding goal, the Christian Culture Center collects the funds and distributes them to the account specified in the project manifest. The Christian Culture Center retains 10% of the fees it collects for this service. Out of the Christian Culture Center's proceeds, 10% is directly donated back to the Community Funding Initiative "Over the Top" fund. This fund is used to "top off" projects that near their full funding level but fall a little short. The other 90% of the 10% the Christian Culture Center receives is used by the Christian Culture Center itself to support its programs and services.

We have rules to follow.  Before you submit an application, please read our Terms and Conditions here.

Thank you and God's best to you and to the success of your project.