Coming April 20, 2014!

The Christian Culture Center's Community Funding Initiative opens on April 20, 2014.

If you are interested in posting a project, you can prepare ahead of time to list it and get it approved.

Follow these guidelines.

Types of Projects We Will List

We will list any project that helps accomplish the express mission of The Christian Culture Center. Our mission is to help increase the impact of Christ in culture. To do this the project must be clearly Christian in nature, must promote the name of Christ in a positive way, and must be offered to the general public. Projects can but do not need to produce a proft for their sponsors.  Any profits are fully and soley the responsibility of the project's sponsor. 

Examples of the types of project we will support are far too numerous to list here.   Projects can be as simple as publishing a book or as complex starting a theme park. The requirements are simple. 

We will post updates here between now and The Community Funding Initiative's launch date; just register on this site and tick the box that says "Subscribe to The Christian Culture News." Click the register button above the navigation menu above.

Projects That Need Your Help

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Something Better! The Rock Opera
Follow Jude, a 17 year old musician pursuing his dream. His best friend is already making it big on the local music scene and his girlfriend Sarah is also a musician, but he must choose between the two or go it on his own. But the stakes are higher than success in music.
Goal: $ 15000
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Days Left: 0
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Help Fund a Project!

Please pledge what you can for projects you feel are worthy and that you would like see come to fruition.  You must first Register here, or if you have already registered you have to Log In here.  

Once you have registered or logged in, you can view the details of any project by clicking the Show Details button below the project description.  This will show you the details and any benefits that the project owner is offering in return for your pledge and later contribution.  

Remember that no funds are collected unless the project reaches it's target goal in pledges.  You can help make something really worthwhile happen by pledging and then contributing when the project reaches its goal.

Thank you for visiting the Christian Culture Center Community Funding Center!