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The Salvation Story

Tell the World!

If you want some practial help so you can tell your story, you might consider purchasing Terry-Anne's book entitled "Tell the World" from our Resources section.  

Tell the World

Tell the World is an excellent tutor to help you tell your story to the friends, family and those in your sphere of influence throughout the world.  You can elect to have your story included in our Tell the World Testimonies e-books that will be published periodically.

The Salvation Story

Have You Been Saved?

It's very personal.  It's the most important question you will ever be asked. Your very life depends on it, it's that serious. It's the central message, or "good news" of the entire Bible. It's the entire reason Jesus Christ came, was put to death on the cross and was raised from the dead. If you are not yet saved, or you don't know what Christian Salvation is all about, you've come to the right place.  If you scoff at the notion of 'having to be saved,' I urge you to take a closer look after we give you some information you may not have had the opportunity to hear. 

If you have been saved, you've come to a place where you can learn how to share your faith with others in fun, exciting and socially acceptable ways. There are many misgivings and apprehensions about sharing Christian faith with others, and we hope to remove those barriers. The joy God has -- and that you will experience -- when someone who was lost is 'found' is beyond compare. Imagine someone who was unsaved being given the gift of eternal life -- partly becasue you did what God asked you to do! 

What is "The Salvation Story"?

The Christian Culture Center presents The Salvation Story in order to help Christians share the message of salvation with others. Every Christian is invited to share their story to the world. We want to help Christians understand the need to be saved, and we want to show them how to simply share their faith effectively.

In the coming weeks and months we will be launching an intense drive to tell the Christian salvation story to the world. We need your help. I'm sure you've read in the Bible that God wants us to share our faith with others, but many times people feel uneasy about doing so. This is completely understandable, but don't let it defeat you. Hold on now, don't go away so soon!  What is stopping you and why are you letting it? It is possible to overcome any fears or apprehensions and do what God has asked you to do.  Fear not! He is with you! .

We will be offering online training sessions designed to help people overcome whatever it is that holds them back from sharing their faith with others. The training is will also be beneficial to those who already share their faith but would like to become more effective or expand their reach. We will post when these trainings are available here and on our Facebook Page

Below are a few of the ways you can participate in The Salvation Story. If you have an idea of your own by all means share it!

Tell Your Story

Have you been saved? Tell your family, friends and acquaintances. Then tell the world!  

We want you to write down your own 'salvation story' in 500 words or less and let us share it with others. You will remain totally anonymous to the public and your name will not be published to protect your identity. Don't worry if you don't know how or you need help. We'll show you how. 

If you feel comfortable using a webcam or video camera, we'd like you to record your testimonial in 2 minutes or less and let us post it for others to see. 

We have an online form you can use to write and submit your story. You have to register and sign in to use our online form, but once you do you can access it here. You can also use the tool to send your testimony to anyone you want. Please note that thare are strict guidelines that must be adhered to, which have been put in place to make sure to tool for that which it is intended, and so inappropriate messages are denied distribution. All content is moderated to protect the Christian Culture Center and preserve its mission. When you access the tool, you'll be presented with the guidelines. All we ask is that you affirm that you are Christian, and that you write a genuine testimonial without any profanity. We reserve the right to reject any testimonial submitted for any reason. Please see the guideliness on this page for complete details.

Witness To Others You Know and Meet

Tell others how Jesus has helped you whenever you get the opportunity.  We hope you are doing this already, but many people suffer from a lack of confidence or from fear of what others will think.  It is not always appropriate to witness to others but you can learn to be sensitive to the voice of Christ within you so you know when to "give an answer to everyone who asks about the hope that is within you."  Sometimes lack of confidence comes from a lack of understanding. We will be providing biblical instruction and training from this site to teach exactly what biblical salvation is and why it is needed.  This content is under development right now.  Visit us again in the coming weeks and months as we continue to develop The Salvation Story area of our online portal.

Invite Others To Visit The Salvation Story!

If you like what you find here and want to support our effort there are a number of ways you can do so.  Tell others about this web site and invite them to visit us! If you want to volunteer to help us spread this message throughout the world, visit out Involvement Partners page or send an email us and get involved today! 

Have you been saved?  Then tell the world!  Write down your story in 500 words or less and send it by email using this Share Your Story form  (register or log in to access our online form).  If you record a video please post it to your YouTube account (you will need one if you don't yet have it), and complete the Share Your Story form, including the link to the video.  You can set the video as 'private' in your YouTube dashboard so that only those with a link can see it. That is totally up to you.

Particpate in The Salvation Story Today!

If you truly understand the need for people to be saved and the commond for us to share Christian faith with others, then you'll know how important this mission is. Please participate in The Salvaiton Story today. Please Share Your Story (register or log in to access our online form. Please invite other Christians you know to share their story also.

The purpose of The Salvation Story is to help grow God's family in terms of numbers and in terms of effective witnesses. True evangelism not only reaches out itself, but teaches others to reach out and that is what this project is all about.

Please particpate today.